Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ist Aid classes

The first year nursing students have just completed their basic life support module - all 32 of them. Quite a mission to put them all through CPR practical in a couple of hours, but with a bit of planning and technique, we did it:-D. They're a pretty smart bunch, so they caught on real quick, and retained it well - they remembered everything at the end of the 4 week block. For their exam, I divided them up into two teams, and relay style, we did CPR two-man rescue, switching roles after one cycle each. It gave me a chance to evaluate each ones skill in compressions and handling the bag and mask, and they had great fun- after all, resuscitation is team work. And the bandaging? well that went off well too - with some innovations... Just today i had great fun teaching the midwives neonatal resuscitation and intubation (pics to follow). Well, if they didn't have ears, their broad grins at sighting the vocal cords would have gone right round their heads...

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  1. They look as though they really were having fun and getting into it. Cheerful hearts... Amen