Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mapaseka's Prayer

Oh Lord my Shepherd, why are so far from me? When shall you hear my prayer? But i know that You are near by me. I know that You shall not bring me in this world and leave me with hard thing. I know that You love me, i know that You care about me, i know that You do everything i ask in Jesus' name. A i want to put my trust and my hope to You. Please make me to trust in You and please give me to love other people, and give me truth and power top fight satan. Please help me to be strong. I know You are the Lord of lords, the King of the kings. No one knows You unless Your Son Jesus Christ draws them. I want to give thanks to You Lord, and praise You and Your Son. Thank You Jesus for washing all my sins with Your blood. Thank You Jesus, thank You Father, Thank You my Lord. I love You my Lord. I love You Jesus. Thank You, In Jesus name i pray. Amen.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rx Charcoal

This is an infiltration of an intravenous medication in the hand of a premature baby who was having difficulty breathing. and had low blood sugar. The high concentration of glucose had damaged the vein and added damage was done by the antibiotics given intravenously, but which now leaked out into the tissues. The hand needed debriding, but the baby was not fit for anaesthetic. A dressing made up of a mixture of activated charcoal and honey was applied between two layers of gauze, and changed every second or third day.

This is the same wound three weeks later. The desloughing was achieved by action of the honey, while the charcoal infused oxygen into the wound from the molecules of oxygen trapped in the microcrevices on the surfaces of the charcoal particles. Honey also has a disinfecting effect, thus keeping the wound clean.

Ten days later, the wound was almost totally closed - no skin graft needed. . .

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mapaseka's Story


My name is Mapaseka Ntsane. I am almost 15 years old. My country is Lesotho, and I live in the village of Makhoroana near to the town of Mapoteng. I was attending Malithuso high school in form 1. I like my school because of education which is important.

It was on 17 th July 2009 when I was in car accident. The car rolled down the hill and I sustained spinal injury. I was taken to Maluti hospital, then to Queen II and Bloemfontein. At Bloemfontein they operated on my spine to stabilize the fracture then I went back to Queen II. I was there for the whole week and developed terrible bed sores over my sacrum and right hip right down to the bone.

Here it is half way healed. It was the size and as deep as a cup.

I went back to Maluti to treat the bed sores and to continue with physiotherapy. I’m also doing typing lessons and computer literacy.

Now I am doing Bible study with Mrs Bleeker and Miss Liile, using Discovery Guides. I am busy with no.3. I have learned that God made everything in six days, and cares for me and has plans for my life.

On 9th April was my 15th birthday. It was so nice! Mrs Hurlow baked cake and bought some shoes and clothes, and Mrs Bleeker bought some juice and a cap. We shared cake with all nurses and students. I wore some shoes and clothes and i looked so smart. We enjoyed the cake; there was even enough left 4 me:-)

Now i've learned to knit; I made a doll's jersey and now i'm still busy with trousers for the doll.

I had treatments for my spinal cord last week. It was hot and cold water. After that i felt better. I'm also doing exercise with 'M'e Mahurlow- she makes me work very hard. Afterwards i go outside or back to the room.

Xavier from Hope Channel has been filming and interviewing me for a future program on Hope Channel around October, called 'Dawn of Hope':-). He and my friend Thato took me to Xavier's house to watch movies and we ate snacks. Here is Xavier filming me while i'm doing Computer lessons. I'm learning to do internet.

Last night i had a dream after praying and reading my Bible. I dreamed like i'm praying, and my prayer was this: "oh my God, when shall you heal me? But i know You loved us so much You gave us Your Son to redeem us. I'm waiting for one day of Your return. You told us that You are going to prepare a place for us and You'll be back. That's your promise to us". That's my dream and so i know that i'm going to be healed one day soon, because He is coming very soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Erosion is phenomenal here in Lesotho, producing some awesome scenery. Top left, a Mosotho herdsman and his dog stand atop of an erosion ridge... i'm not so sure i'd risk walking across that erosion 'bridge'... One can get quite lost in this maize of erosion 'fjords'...

Donkeys are a major source of transport as well as being excellent assistant herders. They protect the sheep and cattle by warding of attacking jackals. So effective are they that even some South African commercial farmers are puting these intrepid 'herdsmen' in use.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Face Lift

The post natal ward / unit got a bit of a face lift the past two days. The ceiling was in dire need of replacement and the walls just cried for a new coat of paint... At long last we have it! And now for the floors in the rest of the hospital...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mountain top experience

Christmas weekend had us busy up in the mountains around Piseng, Tsuinyane, sharing gift packages with the children of the valley residents...all +/- 80 of them... in the rain... Top left is the little mountain cottage built by our doctor friends Rick and Laura. They have a little clinic just under the house. A sweet little church was also built on the property. It can be quite a mission getting to the place - especially in rain and snow - as you can see from the type of roads in the area. We spent about two hours putting the little gift packs together while the children were enjoying a program up at the church. Then we had them organise the massive group into two lines - one for boys and another for the girls. They were each given a wash cloth and a little bag with some pop corn, peanuts, candy, and a bible picture and verse and book mark.
Top middle is the valley view from the back yard. Awesome atmosphere and breath -taking sights...! What a privilege to stay there...


Some of our hospital drivers at last completed their exam on accident scene management... A bright bunch of fellows, and enormous fun to work with ...