Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mountain top experience

Christmas weekend had us busy up in the mountains around Piseng, Tsuinyane, sharing gift packages with the children of the valley residents...all +/- 80 of them... in the rain... Top left is the little mountain cottage built by our doctor friends Rick and Laura. They have a little clinic just under the house. A sweet little church was also built on the property. It can be quite a mission getting to the place - especially in rain and snow - as you can see from the type of roads in the area. We spent about two hours putting the little gift packs together while the children were enjoying a program up at the church. Then we had them organise the massive group into two lines - one for boys and another for the girls. They were each given a wash cloth and a little bag with some pop corn, peanuts, candy, and a bible picture and verse and book mark.
Top middle is the valley view from the back yard. Awesome atmosphere and breath -taking sights...! What a privilege to stay there...

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