Monday, March 15, 2010

Mapaseka's Story


My name is Mapaseka Ntsane. I am almost 15 years old. My country is Lesotho, and I live in the village of Makhoroana near to the town of Mapoteng. I was attending Malithuso high school in form 1. I like my school because of education which is important.

It was on 17 th July 2009 when I was in car accident. The car rolled down the hill and I sustained spinal injury. I was taken to Maluti hospital, then to Queen II and Bloemfontein. At Bloemfontein they operated on my spine to stabilize the fracture then I went back to Queen II. I was there for the whole week and developed terrible bed sores over my sacrum and right hip right down to the bone.

Here it is half way healed. It was the size and as deep as a cup.

I went back to Maluti to treat the bed sores and to continue with physiotherapy. I’m also doing typing lessons and computer literacy.

Now I am doing Bible study with Mrs Bleeker and Miss Liile, using Discovery Guides. I am busy with no.3. I have learned that God made everything in six days, and cares for me and has plans for my life.

On 9th April was my 15th birthday. It was so nice! Mrs Hurlow baked cake and bought some shoes and clothes, and Mrs Bleeker bought some juice and a cap. We shared cake with all nurses and students. I wore some shoes and clothes and i looked so smart. We enjoyed the cake; there was even enough left 4 me:-)

Now i've learned to knit; I made a doll's jersey and now i'm still busy with trousers for the doll.

I had treatments for my spinal cord last week. It was hot and cold water. After that i felt better. I'm also doing exercise with 'M'e Mahurlow- she makes me work very hard. Afterwards i go outside or back to the room.

Xavier from Hope Channel has been filming and interviewing me for a future program on Hope Channel around October, called 'Dawn of Hope':-). He and my friend Thato took me to Xavier's house to watch movies and we ate snacks. Here is Xavier filming me while i'm doing Computer lessons. I'm learning to do internet.

Last night i had a dream after praying and reading my Bible. I dreamed like i'm praying, and my prayer was this: "oh my God, when shall you heal me? But i know You loved us so much You gave us Your Son to redeem us. I'm waiting for one day of Your return. You told us that You are going to prepare a place for us and You'll be back. That's your promise to us". That's my dream and so i know that i'm going to be healed one day soon, because He is coming very soon.


  1. Mapaseka thank you for your blogy and the beatiful pictures of Lesotho. 30 years ago I worked in Maluti hospital 2 years. Dr.Ric Lukens and Laura I also know.I am sorry for your caraccident and I am happy that you are learning typing and most important you have found Jesus Christ. I wish you everything the best and that God will stay beside you.

  2. Thank you very much, God be with you, Sirkka. You can watch my story on Hope Channel, in the program 'Dawn of Hope', due to start in October.