Wednesday, October 14, 2009

en route to camp meeting

On our way to drakensville Camp meeting last weekend, our hopes of being on time for the morning meetings were dashed when we met with an 18 wheeler lying on its back across the road. It had been hit really hard by a run away truck from behind. The runaway's cab wasn't recognisable... two people were dead, and the police were every where. photo's were forbidden until he forensic dept had done their thing..(hours later...) the runway truck landed half way down the mountain side.

Well at least we made it for the afternoon meetings and lunch with some friends. may be this was a divine appointment, as we had a nice visit with some other folks also on their way to camp meeting while waiting at the accident site. on our way back that evening, we road past the two tow trucks which had finally managed to disentangle the wreckages and get them off to the police depots.

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