Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spring at last

We've been blessed with refreshing rains here in lesotho - actually a bit on the early side - but it's got all the poppies and roses out. We've begun planting veges at a feverish pace, the orphan kids too - they all received a set of gardening tools and their gardens are sprouting all sorts of luscious veges (Pics to follow). There are a number of saints in the surrounding villages who have taken these kids under their wing, supported by a group here at the hospital which provides clothing, seeds, they organised the tools, and they just keep an eye on the little ones together with the 'village mothers' who are cooking meals for them. We also employ them after school in our own gardens so they can get a little cash and extra food for their labour, as well some 'parental guidance' - my hubby loves to share life skills with them...

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